IVD Checklist

The German Real Estate Association IVD (Immobilienverband Deutschland, Bundesverband e.V) has produced a checklist entitled “Ten hallmarks of a reputable estate agent or realtor

1. Knowledge of the market

Professional estate agents can give information on prices, rents and market developments and can value a property before the process begins. They are familiar with the level of supply and demand in the relevant property segment and they supply transparent information to buyers and sellers.
As a professional agency, we have multiple points of contact to the property market and update our knowledge of new developments on a daily basis. We can be of service to you before the sales process begins, and we can guarantee an appraisal of the property which is in line with the market and ensures fair market prices for buyers and sellers alike.

2. References

A competent estate agent will have undergone thorough training and have several years of practical experience. He or she will therefore be able to point to objects he has brokered successfully and to satisfied customers.
We have been active in Berlin's property market for over forty years, and we have accumulated excellent references in the course of our work. We would be happy to put you in touch with some of our previous customers and let you see our references.

3. Consultation free from time pressure

Reputable estate agents never put customers under pressure to sign a contract without giving them time to examine the offer thoroughly, and reputable agents will raise no objections to customers taking advice from third party experts such as lawyers.
We spend time understanding your needs and provide you with detailed advice.

4. Individual consultations

Professional estate agents discuss their customers’ needs, desires and economic situation with them.
They listen to customers' concerns and warn them of risks. They never require payment in advance.
Before we send you offers, we will create your personal search profile in order to provide you with offers geared to your particular requirements. We are also glad to assist you with finding finance for your desired property.

5. Realistic consultation

Reputable estate agents can name and justify a price in line with market conditions for any given property. They warn customers against placing too high a price on their properties and thus allowing them to become slow sellers which are difficult to shift and may eventually have to be sold at a knockdown price.
We know our market. Our long years of experience, our training and our competence assures an appraisal in line with the market. We have been active in the Berlin property scene for over forty years and become increasingly successful during this time.

6. Liability

Agents should have professional pecuniary loss liability insurance. Agents which are members of IVD, the German Real Estate Association, are obliged to have such insurance.
We have professional liability insurance; should the worst come to the worst, you will be covered.

7. Forward-looking consultation

A reputable estate agent will scan the horizon for areas where problems could arise and assist with finding solutions for these. For example, owner-occupied flats or condominiums can be subject to complex partition declarations or rights of special use.
If necessary, we clarify any emerging problems with our legal advisors.

8. Systematic approach

Good agents are able to give clear information on which formalities can be dealt with in what time-frame and what the process will involve.
Through our long years of experience, we know what will happen when, and we can estimate the amount of work involved.

9. Customer care

Professional estate agents don't just disappear as soon as the sale or lease has been signed and their commission paid. They stick around and assist with any problems which remain at that point.
Our service doesn't stop when the papers are signed. If you wish, we can provide you with advice and assistance after the property has been sold or rented out.

10. Membership of professional organisation

One important criterion for the quality offered by estate agents is their membership in a professional association such as the IVD (Immobilienverband Deutschland/ German Real Estate Association). The IVD insists that all members attend training sessions and seminars regularly and remain fully up- to- date with current developments in the property sector. To be allowed join the association, each member must pass an exam in which the necessary knowledge of the property industry is tested. Customers should not shy away from asking estate agents about their education and ongoing training. Reputable agents are more than willing to supply such information.