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Our knowledge of Berlin’s property market is founded on forty years of experience. In that time, we have successfully brokered numerous owner-occupied flats, houses and villas to satisfied customers. In recent years, we have also been involved to an ever-increasing extent with the brokerage of commercial properties and development sites.

At this point in time, we enjoy an excellent reputation among investors specializing in apartment buildings and business premises. We work together with a range of banks, developers, planners, architects, lawyers and notaries who value the professional approach taken by Berlin City Immobilien.

As an active member of the IVD, the German Real Estate Association (Immobilienverband Deutschland), Berlin City Immobilien regularly takes advantage of seminars and additional training which enables us to provide our customers with the highest possible standard of consultation.

We found 15 objects for you.
Steglitz Nähe Schloßstr. -...
ID: 10K220020
Living space: 44,87 m²
ZIP/Location: 12161 Berlin
Location: Steglitz
Rooms: 2
5,5% Rendite/2-Zi.-Altbauwhg....
ID: 11K220006
Living space: 47,32 m²
ZIP/Location: 13187 Berlin
Location: Pankow
Rooms: 2
Preiswerte, vermietete...
ID: 09K220001
Living space: 52,56 m²
ZIP/Location: 10825 Berlin
Location: Schöneberg
Rooms: 2
ID: 11K220002
Living space: 30,00 m²
ZIP/Location: 10627 Berlin
Location: Charlottenburg
Rooms: 1
5% Rendite / Appartement in...
ID: 11K220001
Living space: 32,31 m²
ZIP/Location: 10179 Berlin
Location: Mitte
Rooms: 1
Interessante, vermietete...
ID: 09K110010
Living space: 91,00 m²
ZIP/Location: 14052 Berlin
Location: Neu-Westend, Bezirk Charlottenburg
Rooms: 4
ID: 09K110025
Living space: 56,00 m²
ZIP/Location: 14052 Berlin
Location: Westend, Bezirk Charlottenburg
Rooms: 2
Wunderschöne, vermietete...
ID: 09K220002
Living space: 133,00 m²
ZIP/Location: 10777 Berlin
Location: Bayerisches Viertel, Bezirk Schöneberg
Rooms: 4
Wohnungspaket in Spree-Nähe...
ID: 09K770001
Living space: 210,00 m²
ZIP/Location: 10179 Berlin
Location: Mitte